Say goodbye to homeschool chaos.

And say hello to the homeschool planner that's as beautiful to use as it is to look at.

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For busy (like really busy) homeschool moms.

You're a busy mom. Scratch that - busy homeschool mom. Not only do you have to feed, clothe, and clean up after your children, you also have to educate them. Every. Single. Day.

Your head is constantly swimming with 100 different to-do's. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could organize all your thoughts and plans in one place? You can, with The Well Ordered Homeschool Planner!

This planner was specially designed to meet the demands of busy homeschool moms like you. Loop schedules? Check. Vision planning, attendance records, and grading sheets? All check. And much, much more.

"Two thumbs up!"

“What an amazingly designed planner! It's so evident that it was created by homeschoolers, for homeschoolers! I love that it's completely customizable and SO PRETTY! My favorite thing about The Well-Ordered Homeschool Planner is that it can be used by any homeschooler, no matter what their homeschooling style. Two thumbs up!"

Jacinda V., Ohio

Homeschool overwhelm? We can help.

Take control of your homeschool with The Well Ordered Homeschool Planner.

Chart your course.

What kind of school year do you envision? Put your hopes and dreams on paper with our "Map Your Vision" sheet.

List it out.

From independent reading lists to field trip planning to purchasing lists, we've got you covered.

Take your time.

Use the Daily Master Schedule to line out each child's day (or your own) from sun-up to sun-down.

Aim high.

Set goals and objectives for each semester, month, or week and then get to work on making them a reality.

Loop it.

Use our handy Loop Schedule pages to go through your morning time routine or your child's daily subject schedule .

Capture bright ideas.

Never let a good brainstorm go to waste with ample note taking pages and "brain dump" boxes throughout the planner.

Simply plan. Simply homeschool.

The Well Ordered Homeschool Planner was designed to "get out of your way". It isn't filled with a bunch of useless pages and the design is clean and free of clutter, helping you to focus on the most important task at hand - homeschooling your children. Here are just a few of its many thoughtful features:

  • Good for use for up to 5 children.
  • Subjects on the weekly planning pages are fully customizable.
  • Monday start days on each week put your homeschool front and center and make scheduling weekends even easier.
  • Pages are bright and clean with plenty of space for the things that matter to your homeschool.
  • Unique pages like "Map Your Vision", "Curriculum Planning", and monthly "Reflections" add to the planner's usefulness.
  • Laminated, soft touch soft cover and spiral binding.
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"LOVE this planner!"

“I absolutely LOVE this planner! My husband is in awe of it as well! He said, wow, you can have your brain in one spot! 😂😂"

Donna H., Ohio

Hi! I'm Caroline!

We're in this together.

As a second generation homeschooler I can't remember a time when I wasn't homeschooling! My mother inspired me with her dedication and the orderly way she went about our days. Now, with 8 children of my own I realize just how chaotic things can become and how important it is to be organized!

Trust me, I've had those moments when it all seemed like too much - when I can hardly bring myself to grade another paper. That's why I created The Well Ordered Homeschool Planner. I want to help moms feel more centered and motivated as they commit their homeschool hopes, thoughts, and plans to paper. Using this planner has rejuvenated my own homeschool. I'm confident it can do the same for you.

"Dear mother - Please know that the work you're doing in caring for and educating your children is very much needed. May God bless you!"

Caroline Allen


"This planner is BEAUTIFUL!!! I like how it is organized, and that you included spaces for brain dumps! It will be so helpful to so many homeschool moms!"

Paula R., Florida

It's like we read your mind.

All the pages you need. None you don't.

Year at a Glance

Yearly Overview

Map Your Vision

Semester Goals

Daily Master Schedule

Loop Schedule

Weekly Planner

Monthly Overview

Monthly Planner

Subject List

Student Grades

Attendance Record

Field Trips

Independent Reading List

To Purchase

Family Read Alouds

To Memorize


Want to see each page in more detail?

Flip through the planner in 3-D here!

Beautiful by design.

We know homeschooling can get monotonous at times. That's why we created a resource that's just as much a joy to use as it is to look at. The pages are clean and bright and are designed to help you plan your days as efficiently as possible while the cheery floral motif is there to bring a smile to your face. It all adds up to a beautiful homeschool planning experience.


"Somehow you've managed to find the perfect balance of putting exactly what I need right at my fingertips, without overwhelming me with extra forms I won't use and the result is fantastic!"

AlinaJoy D., Texas

Your key to happier homeschooling.

Imagine this. You wake up tomorrow with a clearly laid out plan for how your day will go. You know where each of your children are in their lessons and what you need to focus on for the day. You even know that you need to send a card with your daughter to her science co-op because it's the teacher's birthday.

The Well Ordered Homeschool Planner is here to help you do all this and more. With its clean design and thoughtful layout it's your key to a happier homeschool day.

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See the Well Ordered Homeschool Planner in action!

Watch the video below for a cover to cover tour.*
(Please note that this is a video of a previous version, but the page layouts are comparable.)

"Really impressed."

"I am really impressed with this homeschool planner! I’ve looked at dozens of different planners over the years to find something that fits our large family (5 kids) and this is the first one that specifically includes enough of the important pages for me to track each kid separately.

Katelynne, Connecticut

Just Imagine...

What if you were in control of your homeschool and not the other way around? What if... 

You had a well thought out plan.

Do you feel constantly busy but like you're not getting anything done? The Well Ordered Homeschool Planner is here to help you line out your day and stick to your plan.

You knew what was next.

If you don't schedule your homeschool day it will schedule itself, and that rarely goes well. Use our yearly, monthly, and weekly planner pages to make the best use of your time.

You cut-out the stress.

It's stressful when things are out of control; and when you're stressed your homeschool suffers. This planner can help you regain control of your day and your stress level.

You had a "no regrets" homeschool day.

Ever laid in bed at night and asked yourself, "What did I get done today?" The Well Ordered Homeschool Planner can help ensure that you never ask that question again.

Pick the version that works for you.

The Well Ordered Homeschool Planner

Print Edition - 2022-2023

$50.00 plus shipping

  • Dated print edition for 2022-2023 school year
  • Beautiful floral design inside and out
  • Spiral bound
  • Durable soft touch soft cover
  • 256 pages
  • Fully customizable lesson planning pages
  • Designed for use for up to 5 children
  • Full color
  • Planner dimensions (w. spiral): 9½"x11"x1"

The Well Ordered Homeschool Planner

Printable PDF - 2022-2023

$20.00 instant download 

  • Dated printable PDF for 2022-2023 school year
  • Beautiful floral design throughout
  • 258 pages
  • Fully customizable lesson planning pages
  • Designed for use for up to 5 children
  • Full color
  • Printed page dimensions: 8½"x11"

Don't just take our word for it...

Here are a few more reviews of the Well Ordered Homeschool Planner.

"Perfect for all my needs!"

"As a stay-at-home, homeschooling, entrepreneurial mom of five, finding “just the right planner” has not been an easy task. I’ve gone through 6 different planners, and have finished each cover to cover. The Well Ordered Homeschool Planner is PERFECT for all my needs! I only wish I had found it sooner! The biggest bonus? The layout and graphic design of each page is breathtakingly beautiful. You can tell that this planner was designed with incredible attention to detail."

Nerissa C., Illinois

"Like you read my mind."

"Sean, I wanted to thank you and your wife for an amazing planner. I have been using it for about a week now and it is absolutely the best planner I have had. I'm thrilled to have found it!

In addition to the wonderful pages that you all have included, (I've not seen another planner that included loop scheduling, subject list planners, and brain all thought of everything!), I appreciate that it is undated and without pre-printed subject headers. It is definitely a bit of fun work to sit and date the entire year, but our family's school year is June-May and because your planner is undated, I am able to simply flip back to the "June" and date it for this year instead of attaching a separate June calendar in the front as I've had to do with other planners. The unprinted subject headers are also perfect for families like ours who change subject focuses during the year.

Thank you again! It's like you all read my mind and printed it into a beautiful, well-laid out planner."

Kimberly C., Ohio

"A worthy investment."

The Well Ordered Planner is exactly the planner I have been looking for for years! The format of the pages is both beautiful and functional, making it enjoyable to fill in, while helping me to "empty my brain onto paper" so that I am more free to enjoy the moments with my family (and not worry that I am forgetting something important). Here are a few of the features I love:

I appreciate that it incorporates not just academic planning, but also character instruction. I love that it has a page for loop-scheduling! Another very useful page for me is the page for recording grades. I have one child who very much needs some sort of grading/scoring to keep him motivated, but a traditional grade book is too tedious. I looked far and wide for a grade book that would meet our needs, and was unable to find one--until the Well Ordered Homeschool Planner! It gives me the flexibility to grade daily, weekly, or at whatever interval I deem necessary, and also gives me the flexibility of grading by an overall score (number of problems right and wrong) ... Or a simple letter grade. This is going to make my job as a homeschool mom so much easier! 

I found that, unlike many planners that I only end up using a handful of pages, the Well Planned Planner will be one that I use almost every single page. It is a very worthy investment for me!

Jackie L., Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to see all the pages in your planner before purchasing?

Yes! The Well Ordered Homeschool Planner is full of amazing content specifically designed with the homeschool mother in mind. Not only are there traditional yearly, monthly, and daily planner pages, but there are also thoughtful pages throughout to help you envision your ideal school year and keep detailed records. To see every page in detail, click here for a 3D virtual tour of the planner!

What month does your planner start on?

The planner starts in July and ends in June. Additionally, each month has it's own beautifully designed "cover page" containing an inspirational quote.

When will I receive my planner?

Orders placed within the U.S. normally ship in 1-3 business days and arrive 4-6 days after shipment (please allow more lead time for larger orders or for orders outside the U.S.). Please note that shipments may be delayed during peak seasons. PDF versions of the planner are sent immediately to your inbox upon the completion of your purchase.

How big is the Well Ordered Homeschool Planner?

The print edition of the planner measures 9 ½" wide by 11" tall by 1 ¼" thick. Weight is 2 lbs. Interior pages are 8 ½" x 11". Each page in the PDF printable versions of the planner also measure 8 ½" x 11".

Do any pages come before the first month?

Yes. A series of helpful pages are listed before the first month to help you plan and prepare for the most productive year possible. These include (in order) Signature Page, Introduction Page, Year at a Glance (current and coming year), Dream Casting Page (1), Map Your Vision, Subject List (5), Yearly Overview (5), 1st and 2nd Semester Goals (5 sets), Loop Schedule (5), Daily Master Schedule (5), To Memorize (2), Field Trips (2), To Purchase (2), Family Read Alouds (1), Independent Reading List (5).

May I purchase a PDF copy and print copies for friends or family members?

If you choose to purchase the PDF printable version of the planner, you are free to print off as many copies as you like for your own personal use. You may not print copies to give as gifts, for resale, or fundraising, etc. Also, plagiarism is not permitted in any form. If you know of anyone who could benefit from having a planner of their own, we encourage you to direct them to this page or our store. Our family greatly appreciate's your support!

What is your refund policy ?

We want you to be confident in your purchase of the Well Ordered Homeschool Planner. We encourage you to thoroughly review this about page and flip through the planner in 3D as well as watch the video walk through to be sure it will suit your needs as all planner sales (print and PDF) are final once shipped. If you have any questions prior to purchase please feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help!

Have We Met?

Meet the creators behind The Well Ordered Homeschool Planner

Sean and Caroline Allen are the proud parents of 8 beautiful children. Sean frequently speaks about parenting at homeschool conferences across the country. He is also a freelance graphic designer and the creator of Character Badges, a character training program for children. Caroline is a popular blogger who writes about homemaking, homeschooling, health, and modest fashion at She is also a consultant for Young Living and Lilla Rose. When they aren't collaborating on all the business ideas percolating in their heads, you'll find them hanging out with their children or running out for a quick ice cream date at Coldstone.

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