Simplify Your Parenting 

Cut the chaos to embrace what is truly important in your home.

Live Webinar • Thursday, Sep 26 • 8:00 pm CT


Sean Allen

Parenting Speaker, Creator - Character Badges

Dad of 7  

Caroline Allen

Founder - The Modest Mom Blog

Mom of 7

Is there more chaos than clarity in your parenting?

If you answered "Yes" this FREE live webinar is for you. Join us as we discuss...

  • Cutting through the clutter of #allthethings and parenting according to the priorities you set in your home.
  • Distinguishing the differences between your "Values" and "Expectations" and why parents often emphasize one over the other.
  • What we are truly communicating to our children when we yell and threaten.
  • Saying What You Mean; Meaning What You Say to make your child feel safer and to draw more respect out of them.
  • Getting your children to listen more and argue less with a practical exercise that will draw your family together.

Simplify Your Parenting

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